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Beckoning Begonia & Strawberry Smoothie

Name: Beckoning Begonia & Strawberry Smoothie


Beckoning Begonia is a pink which has lilac undertones and a subtle sparkling shimmer. Strawberry Smoothie is a pale, baby pink which gives the nail a natural gloss.

What it looks like…

This photo shows these two beautiful pinks layered with some sparkle!

Beckoning Begonia & Strawberry Smoothie

Left hand photo: (from the little finger)
Beckoning Begonia on it’s own (a stunning lilac/pink)
Layered with Sparks Fly (giving a warmth with some extra sparkle)
Layered with Grapefruit Sparkle (lifting some of the blue tones to a pinker finish)
Layered with Iced Vapor (this full on glitter always creates impact)

Right hand photo (from the index finger)
Strawberry smoothie layered with Ice Vapor (full on nude sparkle)
Layered with Grapefruit Sparkle (gives a pink flush)
Layered with Sparks Fly (a bubblegum pink sparkle)
Strawberry Smoothie on it’s own (a beautiful natural pink).

If you like this…

Try any of these glitters over a bright pink to give a modern twist
Try any of these glitters over a nude to jazz up a more natural nail

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