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CND RescueRXx

CND RescueRXx Review

What is it?

CND RescueRXx is a protein treatment that repairs weak, damaged nails that are prone to flakiness and splitting.

CND rescueRXx
CND rescueRXx

It contains jojoba and almond oil which carry the keratin proteins to the nail where they bond with the natural nail. With each application the keratin is deposited into damaged areas to build up strength.

How to use?

Ideally, it should be applied to bare nails twice a day. It should be massaged into the nail and surrounding skin. Nails should start to look better within 1 week but optimum improvement will be seen after 4 weeks.

RescueRXx won’t penetrate through many nail coatings but there is partial penetration through CND Shellac due to the minute channels within it which allow solar oil to get to the nail and make removal so easy. However, it will take longer to see a difference as contact with the nail is reduced.

Facts and Figures

CND quotes the following facts from their clinical trials…
After 1 week –
70% of people noticed their nails felt thicker
80% of people noticed fewer white spots and felt the condition of their nails had significantly improved.

After 4 weeks –
73% of people notices a decrease in splitting
80% noticed their nails were peeling less

Personal observations

I’ve had some clients using RescueRXx for a number of weeks to see for myself if it really works. One lady has always had flaking nails which peel constantly unless she keeps them very short. In her own words ‘I was doubtful this would work but had nothing to lose. Very quickly I noticed my nails weren’t as dry. After two weeks they were flaking less…I’m finally starting to actually have some nails.’

A few clients have been using the treatment oil with their shellac which had only been lasting 8 to 12 days due to nail splits. At each removal (2 so far) the condition of the nail has definitely improved, there has been less flaking and the splits finally seem to be growing out. I’ll update this post in a few weeks to see if those dreaded splits have finally gone! 🙂

RescueRXx isn’t an alternative to Solar Oil. If you’re regularly getting 14 days from your CND Shellac manicure and your nails are in good condition then Solar Oil is all you need. A small bottle lasts roughly a month and costs £5.25. Once your nails are healthy you can return to using Solar Oil to continue maintaining healthy nails.

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