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CND Shellac Aftercare

CND Shellac is always a popular treatment as it lasts up to 14 days on finger nails and much longer on toes. If you follow the Shellac aftercare at home you will ensure that you get the most out of your treatment.

Gardening Shellac

  • Use solar oil at least once a day as this keeps the nail and surrounding skin well hydrated
  • Use gloves to protect your nails when washing up, gardening and cleaning etc
  • Don’t use your nails as tools to pick or prise things open as this can cause wear at the free edge and encourage chipping
  • Some chemicals can cause shellac to break down, such as DEET which is often found in fly repellents and some components of sun screen. It’s still important to use these products but wash your hands thoroughly after use.
  • Some colours (usually the pinks) can fade with repeated chlorine, heat and suntan lotion so wash hands regularly.
  • Make sure your shellac is removed professionally rather than peeling it off as this causes de-lamination of the nails and makes them look dull and scuffed.
  • NEVER use a cheese grater…this is the single biggest enemy for shellac wearers. If your family want grated cheese let them know where the grater is kept!


As you can see in the photo…I don’t always follow my own advice but I did the pay the price later!!


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