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CND Shellac: The Real Deal

I’ve recently had a number of new clients who’ve booked in to have their CND Shellac removed and re-applied. When they arrive it’s soon apparent they don’t actually have CND Shellac on their nails. There’s nothing wrong with having another brand but if you ask for CND Shellac that is what you should be getting.

Here’s your guide to getting the real deal!

CND Shellac: Grapefruit Sparkle
CND Shellac: Grapefruit Sparkle

The CND Shellac colour should look like this bottle on the left with each bottle sleeve being the colour of the

CND Shellac: Base Coat
CND Shellac: Base Coat

CND Shellac it contains. If the bottle is different to this it could mean that a different system is being used or the products are counterfeit which could result in you having an allergic reaction.  The base and top coat will be in a black bottle with a silver label for the base coat and a gold label for the top coat.

Next take a look at the lamp being used. The newer style lamp is white with the the CND logo stamped on the top of it. There is also an older style lamp that can be used. These lamps have been tested and specially calibrated to work with CND Shellac.

You should also find out how your CND Shellac will be removed as CND endorses wrapping the nails rather than soaking. Wrapping can be achieved with foils or the CND Shellac wrap. In the coming weeks you may start to find your nail tech starts to use individual plastic ProTipClicks as the CND Shellac Wraps are  being discontinued. These are small plastic clips which hold remover soaked cotton tightly to the nail.

CND recommend that Shellac should be removed with Nourishing Remover or D Solve.  A blue liquid called Scrub Fresh should be used before base coat is applied to decontaminate and cleanse the nail. The tacky layer should be removed with D Sperse and every treatment completed with the application of solar oil to condition the nail.

CND Shellac is one of many different nails systems. Each different brand has it’s own products so research which is right for you and then make sure it is being applied correctly. With the right procedures and products there should be no damage to your natural nail.

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