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National Stress Awareness Day


National stress awarenessIT’s National Stress Awareness Day and like it or not most of us are rushing around trying to do half a dozen things at once. With a bit of time management and organisation, the chances are you can relieve some of that running about. However, if all those things that are keeping you busy need doing it’s definitely worth finding ways that help you relax.

What helps one person relax might be another persons idea of a nightmare so you need to find something unique to you. It may be booking a regular holistic treatment or having your nails done. It may be simply finding half an hour to sit quietly and read or catch up with friends. Whatever you choose try to optimise the benefits.

If you are going for a massage try to book it for a time when you haven’t got to do a school run or the weekly shop straight afterwards. If you just want to sit in a darkened room then choose a quiet, tidy room, light a gorgeous scented candle and breathe. If you want a luxurious bubble bath then bribe the kids with a DVD, put a sign on the door saying ‘Keep Out’ and relax.

It’s not always easy but trying to make a bit of time for yourself can sometimes make it easier to cope with the madness that has become our world.

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For more information about Stress Awareness Day visit www.isma.org.uk/about-national-stress-awareness-day-nsad/

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