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Plum Paisley & Dazzling Dance

Plum Paisley & Dazzling Dance


Plum Paisley & Dazzling Dance gives an elegant sparkling purple. After a week of wearing this sophisitcated deep purple on my own nails I was finding it a little dark for me. I decided to add a layer of Dazzling Dance which really made the deep, dark purple come to life with a subtle glitter. Compare the original Plum Paisley on the colourpop in the image below with it layered with Dazzling Dance on the nails. It really does make a difference. The image is taken in natural daylight to show the true colours. Dazzling Dance can bring a subtle glitter to many colours and complements any of the CND Shellac purples or blues.

What it looks like…

Shellac Plum Paisley & Dazzling Dance
CND Shellac Plum Paisley & Dazzling Dance

If you like this…

Plum Paisley with …
Ice Vapor – for more glitter
Zillionaire or a VIP – for less glitter
Purple Purple with any glitter – for a brighter purple version
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