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Vulsini Hot Stone Heating Bag

I’ve been offering hot stone massages for many years and always used the traditional hot stone water heater. I’d dismissed the Vulsini heater thinking it more suitable for mobile rather than clinic based therapists. However, during some recent hot weather, honestly we did have some,  I decided it was time to try the vulsini hot stone heating bag hoping it would reduce the humidity in my treatment room.

My only concerns before I ordered were that it may look cheaply made or unprofessional and I’d also read reviews saying the stones that came with it weren’t the best quality. These initial concerns were quickly forgotten when the heater arrived.

Vulsini heaterIt’s a compact, good quality bag that takes up less room than my old heater. The carrying strap is detachable which is a bonus as it will remain sitting neatly on my workstation without the strap getting in the way. The control unit is easy to use and the stones heat up quickly at a high setting and can then be turned down to a working temperature (this is all explained in the user manual).

The stones I received with the kit are a great size and shape and will add to the collection I already have. They hold their heat well and can be used immediately without the need to fish them out of water and dry the stones meaning there is less non contact time with the client as the stones are immediately ready for use. The heater holds enough stones for a full body massage. From a client point of view I’ve been told the stones are just as warm and the treatment is very similar to before. As a therapist the room is more comfortable to work in without the additional moisture.  It’s not a cheap kit but for me it’s going to prove a good investment.

I’m converted.

The vulsini heater can be used for many treatments – click here to find out more

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